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 Junior Information
Class of 2024
Each junior will have a meeting date and time scheduled to meet with your counselor and parent(s) to discuss senior year courses and options beyond graduation.  You will receive a letter mailed home to invite you and your parent to your individual meeting.  These will begin in late February and run through March.
How can you prepare?
1. Begin thinking about your options beyond high school and how your course selections for senior year can help you achieve your goals.
2. Have conversations with those who know you best! Include parents, teachers, and community members who can help you think about your strengths and interests as related to career choices.
3. Begin to list your extracurricular activities, service, and awards to build a resume.
4. If you *think* you want four-year colleges and universities as an option, TAKE THE SAT OR ACT OR BOTH! (especially if you are enrolled in a math course for this semester)
5.  View the PowerPoint on this page, and come to your conference with questions for your counselor!